iced tea. reinvented.

no sugar. 

no bitterness.

no plastic bottles.

no artificial fruity flavors.

Unleashing the power of eastern Ayurvedic medicinal traditions and plant-based adaptogens, teablyss creates delightful flavors and rituals that promote daily Gut Health & Immunity. Embracing Small Batch practices, we brew everything by the gallon from our home in Santa Monica. To get the smoothest brew, we Cold-Brew our teas using a simple mix of Real tea leaves, Real spices, and Real herbs sourced directly from India and family-owned farms across California.

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yes to simple ingredients.

yes to gut health.

no to false claims.

The understanding of digestion and immunity is core to ancient Ayurvedic medicinal rituals.

Each teablyss tea is a simple blend of 3 plant-based ayurvedic ingredients designed to restore digestion and thereby enhance immunity. Ayurveda works because it primarily targets digestive function, an area of the physiology that's overlooked often in Western medicine.