iced tea. reinvented.

no sugar. 

no bitterness.

no plastic bottles.

no artificial fruity flavors.

Unleashing the power of eastern Ayurvedic medicinal traditions and plant-based adaptogens, teablyss creates delightful flavors and rituals that promote daily Gut Health & Immunity. Embracing Small Batch practices, we brew everything by the gallon from our home in Santa Monica. To get the smoothest brew, we Cold-Brew our teas using a simple mix of Real tea leaves, Real spices, and Real herbs sourced directly from India and family-owned farms across California.

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yes to simple ingredients.

yes to gut health.

no to false claims.

The understanding of digestion and immunity is core to ancient Ayurvedic medicinal rituals. When digestion isn't 100% complete, when digestion isn't 100% perfect, then there's the build-up of toxins. What hinders the immune system is the build-up of toxins.

Each teablyss tea is a simple blend of 3 plant-based ayurvedic ingredients designed to restore digestion and thereby enhance immunity. Ayurveda works because it targets an area of the physiology that's overlooked often in Western medicine, and that's the importance of digestion.

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Our Mission

Native to the tea growing regions of India, our founders Yash & Jag were always well versed in the nutritional benefits of tea and the gut healing power of ayurvedic medicine. After moving to California they noticed two things: one, the love that Indian ayurvedic ingredients such as tea, ginger, holy basil, and turmeric got; and two, how these ingredients were primarily consumed in artificially blended and concentrated forms.

With the hope of promoting daily wellness they created a sugar-free iced tea packed with flavor and gut healing ayurvedic goodness, the Teablyss journey began. After years of tinkering, they crafted a gut healing beverage with zero sugar but infinite flavor, using real whole ingredients instead of artificial processed alternatives. An entirely new category of iced teas inspired by culture, community, simple real ingredients, and small batch practices.